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Trending at Kanda: Data and Application Security. StrongAuth and Security Innovation Partnerships

At Kanda, we know that security is a never-ending challenge and should be constantly enforced in code, development practices, testing, employee training and ongoing vigilance. For twenty years we’ve been building software for companies whose business is Software and who often live and die by how well they can secure their application and the underlying data.

According to 2013 Data Breach Investigation Report almost all industries were affected by security breaches and data theft, including retail, entertainment and media companies, financial institutions, defense and government contractors, security providers, and utility companies. 71% of the attackers targeted user devices and 54% compromised servers. Additionally, 78% of security breaches were rated as low difficulty intrusions. With digital health on the rise, healthcare providers have seen tremendous increase in patient information and sensitive data theft.

To ensure our clients’ data and application security Kanda Software is always on the lookout for 3rd party security software and solutions that will help prevent data theft and security breaches by eliminating flaws in the application design, software development and deployment, upgrade, support and maintenance processes.

We have recently partnered with StrongAuth to provide state-of-the-art encryption, tokenization and key-management for PCI-DSS compliance and a web-application architecture for secure cloud computing. One example is that this partnership allowed our development teams to build Regulatory Compliant Cloud Computing (RC3) web-application architectures for SaaS companies and web-applications. We have implemented RC3 approach building Worthworm Pre-Money Valuation tool.

In regards to Application Security, we have been working with Security Innovation for years. Security Innovation is a world leading software application security firm that provides consulting, testing, advanced cryptography and educational services to fortune 1000 companies. Over the years, Security Innovation has successfully partnered with Kanda, most significantly on SI’s successful TeamMentor eGuidance system and most recently with SI’s embedded systems subsidiary, Resilient Machines, to do high value integration work with their recently open-sourced NTRU cryptosystem.

“I’ve engaged Kanda Software for critical projects for nearly 20 years and have always found them to be a pleasure to work with and they’ve always delivered quality work beyond my expectations. I’m extremely pleased to partner with them in this current venture and look forward to continuing our long and rewarding partnership!”,
says Pete Jenney, VP of Strategic Initiatives

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