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When AI Startup PlanetWatchers Needed a Team in One Week, Kanda Delivered

PlanetWatchers pairs AI and cloud computing, with multi-source geospatial information to help customers manage natural resources anywhere in the world. Kanda was recently engaged to help PlanetWatchers develop a UI/UX clickable prototype, then move into front-end development of the PlanetWatchers solution.

PlanetWatchers technology will ultimately help customers across multiple sectors; however, their initial application supports enterprises, governments, and NGOs concerned with monitoring and managing large-scale parcels of a forest. PlanetWatchers’ solution will provide critical data that can help monitor patterns of drought, pests, disease and other elements impacting the earth’s forests.

PlanetWatchers selected Kanda to deliver their prototype product because Kanda was able to support a distributed, global team; stand up an effective development team within a week; and hit the delivery date for a key presentation date — all while maintaining a sharp focus on end-user experience.

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