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Why Affectiva Chose Kanda to Help Develop their Emotion AI Product

Affectiva, a start-up in artificial emotional intelligence, hired Kanda to help develop a working prototype and assess the feasibility of their Emotion AI app called Happy.Cam. Affectiva is an emotion measurement technology company that grew out of MIT’s Media Lab.

Kanda was selected for the project because we are a well-qualified, cost-effective resource for
start-ups. Our development teams also have extensive experience working with start-ups on AI projects, including developing AI software solutions for healthcare automation, geospatial imaging, e-commerce, multi-lingual translation, natural language processing, and voice transcription. Kanda developed a working AI prototype for Affectiva in a very compressed time frame—a project that required Android expertise, QA engineering and project oversight.

Kanda previously partnered with Affectiva to integrate Kanda’s Callnote product with Affectiva’s emotion recognition software, creating the ability to detect and analyze emotions on recorded video/audio calls for Skype, Viber, Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Webex and many other communication platforms.

Kanda will continue to support Affectiva’s HappyCam in the R&D phase to help build out the market-ready offering based on Affectiva’s API that allows computers to recognize human emotions from facial cues or physiological responses. Affectiva’s product uses an optical sensor or standard webcam to identify a human face in real time or in an image or video, measuring unfiltered and unbiased facial expressions of emotion and then mapping them to emotions.

Kanda has substantial experience resolving complicated engineering tasks like software
development in the R&D Phase. Kanda’s team works closely with clients to deeply understand the vision for each product and assemble the right team to bring the product to prototype or market, accommodating the unique needs of each client, in terms of costs, resources and desired time to market. If your company is in the AI space, or you have another type of product concept you need help developing, contact Kanda to discuss further.

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