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Worthworm Works with Kanda to Develop a Comprehensive Pre-Money Valuation Tool for Startups

Kanda Software, a leading software development company, and its client Worthworm have announced the public availability of its flagship product. Worthworm is a software tool created to facilitate pre-money valuation process for startups. Kanda Software, Worthworm’s development partner, is pleased it had an opportunity to transform a great idea, which provides an easy solution to the pre-money valuation problem, into a reality.

“We selected Kanda as our software development partner because of their impeccable track record and their extensive expertise in helping startups translate their ideas into a great products. Kanda’s strong work ethic, flexibility and understanding of startup needs allowed us to concentrate on the strategic business decisions that are crucial for Worthworm to succeed,” says Alan Lobock, co-founder of Worthworm.

Kanda Software has 20 years of experience helping startups successfully develop and launch custom software applications. Throughout the years Kanda have built high performance, scalable and manageable Java applications for various industries with sophisticated software architecture, design and using a proven software development implementation methodology. Kanda’s team was able to effectively apply extensive Java software development expertise to create powerful Worthworm solution and integrate it with industry requirements.

To meet the requirements for the Worthworm tool, Kanda implemented a standard Java-based MVC architecture. For the main framework of the system’s infrastructure Kanda used theSpring Framework, as one of the most common and widespread solutions for Java Enterprise applications. Besides the Spring Framework Core itself, we also take advantage of the Spring Framework extensions for database Object Relation Management (Spring Data JPA) and integrated Queuing, Pooling and Multi-threading (Spring Batch). Both are natively combined with the Spring Core and allow high level of integration transparency, fast development and easy maintainability. The persistence layer of the application is  represented by the combination of Hibernate ORM Framework and the MySQL RDBMS.

The most suitable technology for the user experience requirements is Google Web Toolkit.  It is proven to be a reliable modular framework with attractive components, providing many predefined and custom styles and themes, unified look across different browsers and native extensions for rich charts and reports. It is increasingly utilized in software development.

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