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Outsourcing or In-house Development questions

You have a fantastic idea for a new software product, platform, or service that will help differentiate you from your competition. But for every seven product ideas, only one will yield a successful product, according to McKinsey Global Institute. How can you beat the odds?

The key reasons software development initiatives fail include unclear objectives, fuzzy requirements that have not been incorporated into the development methodology, the lack of skilled developers, ineffective project management processes, poor communication, and culture clashes between development staff and project management.

To increase your chance of success, assess your answers to the questions below. They will provide you with critical information you need to determine the best way to move forward with your software product development.





One final question… Would my team benefit from staying focused on product vision, building an audience, and getting to market – while having software product development experts ensure successful and timely execution?

If questions above created some concern, you may want to consider outsourcing the product’s development. Working with a software product development expert allows you to side-step many of the pitfalls, get your product delivered quickly, and achieve a high level of functionality and reliability. But it isn’t the right choice for every project

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