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Cloud Engineering Services

Whether you are already in the Cloud, considering Cloud Migration or looking to develop a
Cloud-Native application, Kanda will back you up with our in-depth cloud engineering expertise and
over 25+ years of experience modernizing legacy solutions and developing innovative applications for
companies ranging from startups to large enterprises. We excel in private, hybrid and public cloud
environments helping our clients build high-performance scalable and secure solutions to maximize
return on cloud initiatives, increase business agility, reduce costs and lower risks.

AWS Partner
Google Cloud Partner
Microsoft Partner

We are committed to providing unbiased guidance and cloud-agnostic solutions to our clients. By applying
our extensive expertise in deploying and managing public, hybrid and private cloud-based solutions as well
as by partnering with leading public cloud service providers, we are able to deliver high performance,
scalable and cost-effective applications tailored to unique needs, budgets and goals of each client.

How can Kanda help

Cloud consulting services
Cloud consulting services
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Migration
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Architecture and Roadmap Design
  • Proof-of-Concept Development
Cloud migration services
Cloud migration services
  • Cloud Migration Strategy
  • Application Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Cloud Optimization and Testing
  • Legacy Application Modernization
Cloud development services
Cloud development services
  • Cloud-Native Software Development
  • Application Containerization
  • Multi-tenant Cloud Solutions
  • Serverless Architecture and Development
  • Cloud Services Integration
Devops services
Devops services
  • QA Automation
  • CI/CD Implementation
  • Agile Deployment
  • Microservices Architecture
  • 24*7 Maintenance and Support
  • Infrastructure Optimization
Cloud security services
Cloud security services
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Data Security
  • Data Encryption
  • Identity Control and Management
  • Cloud Security Assessment
Kubernetes services
Kubernetes services
  • Kubernetes Consulting
  • Managed Kubernetes Services
  • Container-based Workload Deployment
  • Monitoring and Support

Why Kanda?

We promptly act on your Vision, and realize it in a Secure, Reliable and Scalable way

25+ years of excellence converting Legacy Systems
25+ years of excellence converting Legacy Systems
25+ years of excellence converting Legacy Systems into modern, efficient, and scalable enterprise environments
Cloud-native application and products
Cloud-native application and products
Proven track record of bringing cloud-native applications and products from scratch to market success
Solutions to unique client' needs
Solutions to unique client’ needs
Strong pedigree in Combining and Integrating multiple silos into enterprise solutions tailored to unique client’ needs
Strict adherence to distributed agile methodology
Strict adherence to distributed agile methodology
Strict Adherence to Distributed Agile methodology ensures tight integration with Client’s team, business process and timely delivery
Continuous training in cloud technologies and frameworks
Continuous training in cloud technologies and frameworks
Continuous training, development and certification of Kanda engineers in modern Cloud technologies and frameworks
Accountability of a us company
Accountability of a us company

Business Benefits of Cloud Adoption

As a cornerstone of any Digital Transformation journey Cloud provides flexibility, scalability and speed for organizations looking to succeed
and effectively compete in today’s digital world by promptly adapting to changing consumer expectations.

Cloud provides several business benefits to large enterprises and startups alike:

  • Reduced Capital and Operational Costs
  • Seamless Scalability on Demand
  • Improved Business Agility
  • Enhanced Data and Application Security
  • Mobility
  • Advanced Business and Consumer Insights and Analytics
  • Business Process Automation
  • Competitive Edge

Navigating cloud journey and complexities of cloud infrastructure are not easy tasks. At Kanda, we are committed to helping you accelerate
the journey to the cloud by leveraging our decades-long experience and expertise in converting legacy software into high performance
cutting-edge solutions and building scalable, secure and efficient innovative cloud-native applications. We promptly act on your vision and
enable you to fully reap business and technology advantages of the Cloud, to maximize investment in technology without compromising
on product and software delivery quality.

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