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Have a great idea, but don’t know how to translate it into a functional product?
Expanding you existing products to new platforms?
Kanda Software is here to help!

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a startup or a large company, Kanda Software will help you take a holistic view of your project, including strategic inputs such as:  research, software development, application of technology and web services or software architecture. Our software development and technology assessment and roadmapping services can help you determine your key application components, target markets, market inhibitors, or even clarify product vision.

Our software development expertise in disciplines including search, business intelligence, knowledge management, communities and ontology, and the semantic net give us a huge advantage and helps us reduce that all-important time-to-specification – so you and your team can start as quickly as possible.

Some situations when you may want to partner with Kanda for our Roadmapping, Analysis and Software Architecture Services include:

  • You would like to move an existing product to the Cloud and need the technical design to ensure the security and scalability are preserved and enhanced;
  • You have an idea and a business plan and need to select the technology and create the technical roadmap on how your idea will become a reality;
  • You are ready to mobile-enable your offering but want to ensure that platform selection, user interface, and technical design are all done right;
  • You are switching to a SaaS product delivery and want to define the technical approach to the multi-tenant implementation;
  • You are looking to establish a business case for introducing Big Data or other BI Technologies into your decision-making process;
  • You are looking to refactor a legacy product into MVC tiered-architecture but do not have resources who know MVC well enough to understand the level of complexity and effort involved in refactoring;
  • You are looking for a turn-key specification document that includes functional requirements and technical underpinnings that you can put out to bid by multiple vendors;
  • You are building a new product but before retaining Kanda to build it you want to scope it out and plan the implementation track;
  • You would like assistance with a particular track of Road Map definition such as Technology Selection or UX design;

Kanda’s team will elicit business and user requirements, and prioritize requirements during assessment and roadmapping stage.
As a result following documents are typically delivered:

  • Vision and Scope document with a particular emphasis on business objectives;
  • Functional Requirements document;
  • Clickable Prototype illustrating the proposed functionality and how the users will interact with this software. The prototype does not have functionality inside, only GUI, look and feel, real controls, and navigation. Its purpose is to let customer “feel” the future solution and, probably, correct requirements at the very beginning of the project.
  • The Web Services or Software Architecture document will encompass the chosen technology stack and high level technical design;
  • A solution delivery plan with phasing, costs and timeline.
Usually while assessing the technology and creating roadmap Kanda’s software development team proceeds along three tracks:
Business, People, and Technology
to synthesize the results into the project deliverables.
Business Track
  • Clearly understand product vision to ensure that the analysis and the proposal ar in line of the management’s aspirations
  • Clarify specific deployment and access control requirements
  • Define the roadmap
  • Understand business drivers for the release schedule and related constraints in order to balance time vs. functionality
Technology Track
  • Agree on the benchmarking requirements (scalability, response time, etc.)
  • Finalize the development/deployment technologies
  • Understand the existing code (if any) to the degree necessary to modify it
  • Define a high-level architecture
  • Determine and specify integration points with third party if appropriate
People Track
  • Write up major Use Cases defining several primary scenarios of the product’s use to ensure overall usability and build internal consensus
  • Understand the underlying business logic of the user-visible functionality
  • Define features for end-users

Client Spotlight:

Kanda Software has helped RoomBridge launch its College Homestay Solution. RoomBridge helps students find living accomodations close to schools – allowing them to, “Live. Learn. Sleep.”