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January 18, 2017
White Paper: DevOps in the Cloud with AWS

Over the last decade, there has been a sea change in the way software is delivered going from being largely sold as a product to being increasingly provided as a service (SaaS). This shift in the software business model has …

January 26, 2016
Automating Mobile Application Testing

Mobile application users are savvy and have high expectations for the quality for the applications they install on their devices. Users expect mobile apps to be responsive, stable and secure. They want simple yet comprehensive user interfaces with a bug-free …

July 06, 2015
Best Practices in Mobile Quality Assurance and Testing

How to prepare your mobile application for the survival in the app Jungle. Mobile applications market represents a highly competitive landscape with a diverse set of mobile devices, carrier restrictions and constantly changing iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. Each …

October 17, 2014
A HIPAA Compliant Cloud Strategy. Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

Over the past few years the number of innovative startups and established technology organizations focusing their attention on the various aspects of Digital Health has been steadily growing. The majority of the Digital Health organizations, particularly startups, are facing the …