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Software-as-a-service (SaaS) Development Services

For a bunch of nerds, we’re pretty SaaS-y…

By combining a broad range of technical expertise with an unparalleled commitment to customer
satisfaction, Kanda has become an authoritative option for companies looking to develop SaaS
applications of various levels of complexity.

Whether for startups or large enterprises, we deliver reliable and scalable multi-tenant SaaS solutions
and mobile applications that adhere to strict security standards.

SaaS Development Services

  • Custom SaaS Software Development
  • SaaS Mobile App Development
  • Platform Design and Architecture
  • Front-end development and UX/UI Design
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Custom APIs
  • Analytics and Data Management
  • Cloud Engineering Services for SaaS solutions

Client Spotlight

Kanda was assisting software vendors with SaaS development even before it was even called SaaS. We worked on several pioneering SaaS
application development services and ASP (Application Service Provider) products including the very first online cooperative marketing
modules for ChannelWave that managed multi-tiered marketing expenditures and activities between manufacturers and their distributors.

Case Study: Developing Secure SaaS Applications

Worthworm is an online pre-money valuation tool that offers comprehensive and reliable pre-money valuation assessment based on more than 1100 parameters for early stage startups and angel investors.

As a part of the Worthworm development, Kanda implemented a standard Java-based MVC architecture. For the main framework Kanda team has used the Spring Framework, as one of the most common and widespread solutions for Java Enterprise applications. Sensitive information provided by the customer required sophisticated security measures and data encryption comparable to those provided by the financial institutions. Kanda Software recommended, architected and implemented a cost-effective, but scalable solution for data encryption and key-management to provide Strong Authentication for the platform.

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