C++ Software Development

Kanda’s vast knowledge of C++ development methodology comes from decades of experience serving a variety of industries including healthcare, finance and telecommunications. We provide high quality and reliable C, C++ and C# development services tailored to specific client needs. Kanda programmers are fluent in C, C++ and C#, and skilled in leveraging the properties and benefits of this set of languages including templates, objects and polymorphism.

Kanda supports a large set of C/C++ applications – some legacy and others that are so computer-bound that rewriting them in anything else would be highly detrimental to their performance.


Whether you are developing, upgrading or maintaining C++ based systems, Kanda’s seasoned development team will efficiently assist you no matter what environments or development platforms you are using.

Kanda Software development team has also worked with multiple embedded C++ development solutions to help clients integrate hardware with the software part.

Kanda Custom C++ Development Services include:

  • Custom software/application development
  • Upgrade of the existing systems coded in C, C++ or C#
  • Stand-alone or integrated quality assurance of C++ applications
  • Mobile C++ development
  • Embedded C++ development

C++ is a relatively low level systems programming language. It is best suited for general-purpose software and applications that are platform dependent as well as operating systems and drivers, etc. It is fast and works well with GUI programming.

There are several advantages of using C++ for you development project:

  • C++ has relatively clear and mature standards;
  • It doesn’t require runtime environment installation in order for the end consumer to use client’s software/application. In addition, there’s no performance overhead at runtime, this C++ application are faster than those written in other languages;
  • Applications of any complexity can be developed in C++: from small plug-ins to cross-platform enterprise level solutions;

Kanda development teams have exhaustive domain expertise in security software/applications development, CRM and ERP systems, financial services, healthcare, web application and more.

We provide our clients with flexibility to choose the quantity and expertise level of the team, to expand or shrink development team whenever the resources or the project specifics requires.


  • Platforms: Windows, UNIX. Linux
  • Libraries: Win32 API, MFC, GDI, ATL, STL, GLIBC, Boost
  • Development tools: MS VC++, GCC, Make, Autoconf
  • Windows programming: GDI, common controls, COM, OLE, ActiveX
  • Networks: socket communications, HTTP, FTP, mail
  • Database access and storage: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access
  • Multithreading development: Win32 threads, POSIX Threads