Top Trends to Watch in 2018

Top tech Trends 2018This is an exciting time for building and delivering software products. The industry has seen a groundswell of changes over the past five years, setting the stage for even more innovation in 2018.

The good news is that the latest developments are enabling software product teams to reduce product delays and deliver quality software faster and more frequently. The bad news is that doing so requires thinking about very different ways of designing, building and delivering software.

Looking into 2018, here are some trends that will continue to advance the business and technology of commercial software.

  • AI and machine learning will be all around us, moving more aggressively into IoT, healthcare, education, and management. Analysis and decision-making will never be the same.
  • DevOps is just starting to get off the ground. Those who have moved to adopt it are still struggling with selecting a cloud provider with the right services and getting the DevOps tool chain working efficiently.
  • Serverless computing in the cloud is going to change how software is developed. Cloud computing involves complex distributed applications and services, and serverless computing adds the support layers that will require teams to only deliver working software for those layers.

The bottom line: In 2018, teams that succeed the fastest will quickly identify their knowledge weaknesses in these areas and build up skills to enable them to quickly design, build, maintain, and support applications that deploy every week or even every day. Learn more about our trend projections in our recent post: Tech Trends to Watch in 2018

Celtics Game

To celebrate the holiday season, Kanda employees and a handful of clients gathered for a Celtics game. Celtics were playing with Dallas Mavericks and Boston has defeated dallas 97-90. Here are some photos from a very fun night!

Kanda Celtics Game party


Congratulations, Epion Health!

We are proud that our recent client, Epion Health has just made the PULSE@Mass Challenge list for Top Digital Health Startups. They have achieved this honor before starting to work with us but we are happy to be partnering with them and making sure they continue on the path of great success. See you at the Mass Challenge Finals!

Epion Health creates stronger digital connections throughout the healthcare ecosystem, with a focus on developing efficiencies during patient check-in and in-take. Kanda was selected to help the company by augmenting their existing team with senior-level front end and back end RoR developers in order to meet product delivery goals. Further, Kanda is supplementing their team with a part-time UI/UX Designer, BA and Project Manager. Kanda was selected because of our full-stack expertise (ie. RoR, Android/iOS, Angular, React) as well as our track record with early/mid-stage startups in the digital health space.

PlanetWatchers pairs AI and cloud computing, with multi-source geospatial information to help enterprise customers monitor natural resources anywhere in the world. PlanetWatchers selected Kanda to deliver their prototype product because we were able to stand up an effective development team within a week that supported their distributed, global team. We were able to put together the right people with the right skill set to hit a critical customer presentation date. We started by developing a UI/UX clickable prototype, and then will move into front-end development of the PlanetWatchers solution.

withloveWith Love XO is a shopping, concierge and custom gift-giving service that combines e-commerce gifting with a personal touch. Kanda’
s software development team was hired to improve the company’s website experience, integrating their marketing messaging and social media content, and to streamline their e-commerce payments and billing workflows. Kanda was awarded the project because we listened to the management team’s concerns and addressed how best to enhance their members’ experience on the site. Additionally, Kanda demonstrated extensive experience working with e-commerce start-ups, and specific experience with other shopping sites like RueLaLa.

The Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Computer Human Interaction (ACM SIGCHI) is the premier international society for professionals, academics and students who are interested in human-technology and human-computer interaction (HCI). After successfully completing earlier projects for ACM, Kanda has been asked to help SIGCHI on their next set of initiatives that are broad in scope, ranging from automating social and digital media importation processes on their website to setting up an email strategy for personalized member outreach and engagement.

If you’re planning to take your product to the next level in 2018, Kanda can help. Whether you need assistance with product development, moving your offering to the cloud, or optimizing your DevOps, our team has the depth of knowledge and breadth of skills to immediately support your company’s technology needs.

We’d be happy to share our best practices and discuss next steps for getting your product to succeed in the marketplace.

Cheers for a Healthy, Prosperous New Year!

Alex Karpovsky, CEO of Kanda Software