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Education and E-Learning Development Services

Digitally Transforming Education

At Kanda, we help clients design, develop and support custom education and e-learning solutions to
reshape education around the world.

We have over 25 years of experience and in-depth domain expertise in leveraging cutting-edge
technology to enable Universities, Education and E-Learning companies to launch online learning
platforms, reduce administration and collaboration hurdles, setup student recruiting and marketing
programs, and streamline assessment processes.

How Can Kanda Help?

We work with EdTech startups, Education and E-learning institutions, and enterprises to help develop and customize, optimize support and
maintain innovative training and learning solutions tailored to unique needs of each business. We help education companies solve a range
of challenges:

  • Develop personalized learning solutions that off-the-shelf software
    can’t provide
  • Facilitate and improve learning experience by utilizing a variety of
    learning formats like video, text, and audio or implemeting AR/VR
  • Digitally transform legacy learning systems to enable scalability and adaptability to student demands
  • Utilize gaming as an instructional tool
  • Improve assessment processes
  • Establish an effecvtive communication channel between students and teachers
  • Enable students to learn though their mobile devices, including BYOD
    and BYOA implementation

Why Kanda?

Developing custom cutting-edge, reliable solutions for Education and E-Learning industry
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Education and E-Learning

Software Development Expertise
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E-learning software
Online training platforms
LMS (learning management systems)
Mobile and Web
Mobile EdTech applications
Student onboarding and management software
Assessment reporting and Analytics
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Custom ERP solutions
Corporate e-learning platforms

Client Spotlight

College Interactive

The Next generation of Student Search and

College Interactive (Ci) revolutionizes the way students explore and
access higher education options and the way colleges and universities
recruit candidates. Ci provides a range of mobile solutions to:

  • Enable colleges and universities to attract, connect and interact
    with prospective students
  • Provide access for counselors to effectively communicate with
    and guide students’ college preparation activities and university
  • Simplify college and university search for students based on
    their achievements and interests, and connect directly with
    college and university admission offices
College Interactive
KLD Era is an online business training company that offers courses to individuals and companies in a variety of text, video, and audio learning formats. KLD Era’s e-learning platform accommodates learners with busy schedules by providing customized learning packages that are easy to grasp and are based on real-life business cases and case studies. Organizations are able to create personalized training programs tailored to their unique training objectives, and help employees constantly improve the skills crucial to organization success.