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Travel and Hospitality Development Services

Personalized Unforgettable Experiences for your Clients

Kanda’s Travel and Hospitality full-cycle Software Development Services are designed to create
stunning personalized experiences that modern travelers seek.

We help develop and maintain modern scalable travel software solutions, web and mobile
applications customized to unique clients’ business needs. We work with travel agents and operators,
hotels, restaurants, travel portals and booking websites, and aviation companies to transform the way
people travel in a modern world.

Client Spotlight

Travel Industry is rapidly evolving with customers demanding relevant and personalized experiences. Travelers,
especially Millennials, are actively leveraging web and mobile technology to avoid mainstream restaurants and beaten
tourist paths. Travel and Hospitality companies are under a constant pressure to provide real-time information, to
connect travelers to local businesses, services and friends, and to simplify travel logistics. At Kanda, we are committed to
helping out clients address some common travel software challenges:

How Can Kanda Help?

Create Personalized

Know your customers and anticipate their interests and preferences by a smart use of data. Kanda’s expert Big Data engineers and Software Developers can help to:

  • Tailor your product or service offerings in real time based on user behavior and preferences through advanced analytics
  • Understand your customers by tracking consumer journey
  • Create relevant search engines and recommendation engines
  • Develop loyalty programs that matter to your customers
  • Enable analytics-driven decision making and product development within your organization
  • Custom Price comparison tools integrated with GDS APIs and dynamic pricing engines
Provide Seamless
Connectivity & Assistance

Reach customers anytime anywhere and enable their quick access to information or assistance.

  • Streamline booking and checkout process with Kanda’s cross-platform solutions
  • Intuitive reservation and booking software and mobile applications
  • Assist your clients 24x7 by integrating Travel AI chatbot applications
  • Expedite check-in or boarding by integrating recognition technology solutions (facial recognition, biometrics, etc.)
Innovate to Stay Ahead
of the Competition

Delight your customers with cutting-edge technologies.

  • Transport your customers to the destination before they go. Integrate Virtual Reality (VR) /360 video tours to showcase your offerings
  • Streamline day-to-day business operations and automate with Internet of Things (IoT). Enable customers to control more appliances or services through a centralized device, such as a tablet or even mobile phone.

Travel Software Development Expertise

Travel Mobile Apps
Travel Mobile Apps
Flight management back office software
Flight management back office software
Flight Booking Software
Flight Booking Software
Hotel Booking Applications
Hotel Booking Applications
Travel Portals
Travel Portals
Recommendation Engines
Recommendation Engines
Travel Agency Software
Travel Agency Software
Restaurant Dynamic Menus
Restaurant Dynamic Menus
Revenue Management
Revenue Management
Loyalty Programs
Loyalty Programs
Smart Search Engines
Smart Search Engines


  • Web Development
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Travel Mobile App Development
  • Website UX and UI Services
  • Big Data and Analytics Solutions
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Machine Learning and AI Implementation
  • System Integration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Travel Software Maintenance and Support
  • IoT integration and solutions

Recent Projects

Uptown Network: Digital Restaurant Menus and Personal Sommelier for iPad

Restaurants around the world are seeing the magic of the iPad. Now
even if there’s no sommelier on staff, the restaurant can offer guests
Personal Sommelier — a fun, easy-to-use app that helps customers
pick a wine to complement their meal. All of which leads to satisfied
customers — and higher total dollar value. Uptown Network’s mobile
solutions are readily deployable, seamlessly integrated, scalable, and
proven to empower staff and increase restaurant efficiency. The
company also provides valuable business intelligence, mobile device
management, real-time updates, social sharing, and support. With
Uptown Network, restaurants can optimize and deploy from
enterprise to region to individual restaurant!

Hopper: the next-generation commercial flight reservation & predictive services

Hopper uses Big Data, heavy load of Machine Learning and Data Science to provide the best price and accurate predictions of price fluctuations