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– a simple Hospital Visitor Management application

The pandemic is a stressful time for many. But there are times when having a visitor or family member present is crucial especially for end-of-life, maternity, trauma, behavioral health and discharge patients.

As a rapid response to support Hospitals, Healthcare Professionals, and Patients during the COVID-19 surge, we have developed a VisitorAccess app that is simple, yet effective in controlling a flow of visitors to each hospital room and patient.

VisitorAccess works in a browser, and on iPhone and Android devices.

If you need help or lack resources, we will be glad to integrate VisitorAccess into your Hospital management system at No Cost.

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The app allows Hospitals to effectively identify who has entered the facility, determine is the visitor limit per patient is reached, and allow/deny entry to individuals if necessary.

    When a visitor comes to the hospital, a security guard can quickly use his/her mobile phone or hospital computer to check:

  • How many visitors are at the destination hospital room?
  • Does a patient already has a visitor at the moment?
  • If the limit of people per hospital room is reached or a patient has another visitor, a new visitor has to wait until the current one leaves.

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VisitorAccess Technology Stack

The application can be used by hospital guards or administrators. It contains a questionnaire with a few health-related questions. These questions determine whether visitors have certain conditions that might prevent them from visiting a patient (i.e. cough or temperature). Based on the answers, the hospital guard or administrator either grants the permission for a visit or declines it. The procedure of checking visitors includes the following steps: asking for the patient’s name and floor and then asking the visitor to go through the questionnaire. If the visitor is allowed to visit, the system will display the exact time of the visit and the person responsible for granting access.

    FrontEnd, Mobile Application

  • React / React Native
  • React Navigation
  • Redux
  • Redux-Persist


  • Express
  • Sequelize
  • Swagger

Use Case Diagram

user case scenario

Architecture Diagram


See How VisitorAccess Works:

VisitorAccess Screenshots

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