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Case Studies & White Papers

Best Practices in Mobile Quality Assurance and Testing

The quality of a mobile application is a corner stone of its success in the marketplace. To get those desired five star ratings, a mobile application needs to rise above these challenges and deliver high performance under varying conditions. The …

NEXAGE: Mobile SSP and Advertising Programmatic marketplace

Nexage is the leading premium mobile advertising exchange, creating a highly efficient and liquid market for advertising buyers and sellers alike. AOL acquired the company in 2015, and Nexage was rebranded into ONE by AOL Mobile.

College Interactive: Native iOS application development

College Interactive mobile app has revolutionized the way college and universities find, communicate, market and recruit prospective students.  College Interactive has reached Top 10 apps on the App Store iOS Top Charts in the Education segment.

A HIPAA Compliant Cloud Strategy. Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

White Paper describes several factors that Digital Healthcare companies need to consider while choosing a Cloud Service Provider to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Preference-based Search Engine

dSide offers users a simplest way to find products or services that are just right for them. The company was founded on the concept that many online shoppers are left out in the cold by existing product search and navigation …


Worthworm is a sophisticated and rigorous online system that analyzes more than 1100 parameters and over 4000 outputs to yield strong valuation data for entrepreneurs, early stage ventures and angel investors.