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Case Studies & White Papers

White Paper: DevOps in the Cloud with AWS

Over the last decade there has been a sea change in the way software is delivered going from being largely sold as a product to being increasingly provided as a service (SaaS). This shift in the software business model has …

Automating Mobile Application Testing

Mobile application users are savvy and have high expectations for the quality for the applications they install on their devices. Users expect mobile apps to be responsive, stable and secure. They want simple yet comprehensive user interfaces with a bug-free …

Best Practices in Mobile Quality Assurance and Testing

The quality of a mobile application is a corner stone of its success in the marketplace. To get those desired five star ratings, a mobile application needs to rise above these challenges and deliver high performance under varying conditions. The …

A HIPAA Compliant Cloud Strategy. Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

White Paper describes several factors that Digital Healthcare companies need to consider while choosing a Cloud Service Provider to ensure HIPAA compliance.