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Bio-IT and Sartorius Cell Insights

Cell Insights

Kanda Software’s very own Life Sciences Practice Manager — Yevgeniya Monisova — took to the stage during this year’s Bio-IT Conference & Expo to deliver an in-depth discussion about Cell Insights alongside Chris McCready, Principal Research Scientist at Sartorius Stedim Biotech. In their presentation, Chris and Yev detailed the process of combining traditional mathematical models used in chemical engineering with novel machine learning algorithms to solve challenges related to monoclonal antibody commercial production, including low or inconsistent yields, extensive timelines for experiment setup and optimizations, and the high cost of labor and reagents.

The Sartorius Innovative Cell Insights platform utilizes a complex combination of models and algorithms to reduce the number of necessary experimental runs, leading to a substantial reduction in both time and cost. 

Visit our Youtube channel to hear the full discussion and to learn more about Sartorius Cell Insights.

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