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Join the Kanda Team at the Bio-IT World Conference on May 3-5 in Boston

Join the Kanda Team at the Bio-IT World Conference on May 3-5. Visit us at booth #313 to learn about our Lab to FDA Approval Workflow Automation services, Data and MetaData Management, Integrated Real World Data solutions and Advanced Analytics with ML/AI, DaaS and Data Virtualization Platforms and Compliant Cloud Application Development.

Schedule a meeting during the event by contacting STARTEAECSTRINGZTRmN2VlNmY5ZjU3MzQ4YWYzMTRjYTFhYjEzZjY4YjBjb250YWN0QGthbmRhc29mdC5jb21lNGY3ZWU2ZjlmNTczNDhhZjMxNGNhMWFiMTNmNjhiMA==ENDEAECSTRING.

On Wednesday, May 4th at 14:10 am – Kanda team alongside our client Sartorius Stem Biotech will be hosting a discussion “Cell Insights: A Virtual Bioreactor for in silico experiments”
cell insights: a virtual bioreactor for in silico experiments

Chris McCready from Sartorius Stedim Biotech and Yevgeniya Monisova from Kanda Software will discuss the process of combining traditional mathematical models used in Chemical Engineering with novel ML/AI algorithms to solve a problem of monoclonal antibody commercial production challenges including low and inconsistent yields, extensive timelines for experiment setup and optimization, and high costs of labor and reagents.

We will talk about Sartorius Innovative Cell Insights platform that uses complex combination of models and algorithms to simulate bioreactor cell culture processes allowing monitoring of the system across a range of different inputs and parameters and gives the user the ability to iteratively re-configure the model based on model fitting outputs. The capabilities of the app reduce the number of experimental runs that are necessary, leading to significant time and money savings.

To find out more about the event visit the Bio-IT World website.

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