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Kanda’s Client, Trapelo, acquired by NeoGenomics

NeoGenomics, Inc., a cancer diagnostics and pharma services company, has acquired Kanda Software’s client, Trapelo Health, for $65 million.  As part of the arrangement, Kanda will continue to work with Trapelo and NeoGenomics teams to maintain their platform to the standard of excellence expected by their users.

Trapelo is an online platform used by oncologists, labs, and payers to manage and streamline testing and treatment for precision medicine.  It helps labs manage their patients, drives testing and reimbursement, gives patients control over their health plans, and matches patients to precision therapies and clinical trials.

Kanda is proud to be Trapelo’s long-term partner and to have played a key part in developing their software. From conception to development, Kanda has worked closely with Trapelo’s engineering team and looks forward to continuing the relationship.

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