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“Customer-Centric Approach is Our Key Differentiator” — Noah Keimach, Director of Sales at Kanda Software

Noah Keimach

Noah Keimach holds the Director of Sales position in the executive management group at Kanda Software. With an impressive 18-year track record, he is an accomplished sales professional who ensures that his team contributes significantly to both the company’s growth and client satisfaction.

We sat down with Noah to gain insight into how his guidance-oriented mindset and unwavering commitment positively impact Kanda’s efficiency and enhance its credibility among customers, leading to continued growth. 

What led you to pursue a career in Sales and Business Development?

I grew up in a household with both of my parents being teachers and while I appreciate the idea of teaching, sales seemed like more of a natural fit for me, considering my communication skills and the potential for career growth. I have been working in sales as both an individual contributor and within management for 18 years, specializing in technology sales in areas such as IT, telecom, and software.

What does a typical day for a sales representative at Kanda look like?

As part of the Sales group at Kanda, my days are typically busy with revenue-generating activities. During business hours, I focus on prospecting, reaching out to potential customers, and managing accounts. In sales, the job description is fairly well known – focus on driving revenue while progressing the conversation and the sale forward. Additionally, I handle administrative tasks, often during off-hours, since our work schedule extends beyond the traditional nine-to-five setup. It is crucial to be available to our globally-distributed customers, which sometimes results in early-morning or late-night calls.

What essential skills should someone in sales have in the tech industry?

I would outline the following skills as vital for sales representatives:

  1. Time management: Efficiently managing time and prioritizing revenue-generating activities is crucial, given the limited daily hours available.
  2. Preparation: Being well-prepared for every call or meeting is essential. Investing time to research and understand the customer’s needs as well as its challenges help to make conversations more compelling and relevant to them.
  3. Proactive communication: Strong communication skills are necessary for building rapport and trust with customers and prospects. Honest and difficult conversations may occur, however, communicating correctly and proactively provides opportunities to properly instill confidence.  Developing positive relationships can significantly influence the decision-making process.
  4. Adaptability and continuous learning: The tech industry is constantly evolving, requiring sales professionals to adapt to changes and to stay updated with the latest trends, innovations and developments. Continuous learning and self-improvement are key to success in this industry.
  5. Confidence: Having the willingness to step out of your comfort zone, learn, and transform weaknesses into strengths is vital in sales. Confidence is necessary, but it is equally important to check egos at the door and continuously strive for improvement.

What was one of Kanda’s recent wins, and why was it remarkable?

One of our recent successful sales approaches involved acquiring a new customer, a global non-profit organization based on the east coast. Our achievement with this customer was remarkable because we demonstrated our capabilities and built trust, despite their prior negative experiences. 

Overcoming the obstacles required multiple calls and showcasing our ability to execute through use cases and examples of similar projects. We emphasized our expertise in agile development and stressed the importance of having the right team members and multiple layers of oversight, from Kanda’s executive management on down to deployment managers, business analysts and solution architects. Ultimately, we obtained the final sign-off from a key stakeholder, paving the way for a strong, long-term partnership with this organization.

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Can you explain a recent challenging client engagement, and how you overcame the obstacles?

In the realm of sales, it’s common to experience more losses than wins. Just like Michael Jordan, who missed more shots than he made, we encounter numerous rejections and setbacks on the road to success. 

For instance, our recent experience with a potential customer highlighted the significance of identifying the correct decision-maker earlier on in the process so that we could foster a stronger rapport with them. While it served as a valuable learning opportunity, we recognize that losses are part of the sales experience. The key is to learn from these situations and keep moving forward. Never make the same mistake twice.

How would you define a customer-centric approach in the context of the Kanda sales team?

The approach I strive to take is to be a teacher and build credibility with customers. Building relationships is important, but what our customers expect from Kanda is our recommendations and expertise in building agile development teams and software development services, taking more of a challenger sales approach versus the traditional relationship-building.

When customers ask questions, they rely on us to provide informed and intelligent answers rather than offering unlimited options. We posit as the expert in this arena, and with that comes certain expectations from the customer in their buying journey.

A customer-centric approach involves allowing customers to make decisions based on the information we provide while also guiding them and offering recommendations. This approach puts more of the onus on Kanda to deliver, which helps customers make more confident buying decisions without feeling overwhelmed or hesitant about whether they chose correctly.

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How does Kanda differentiate itself from competitors, and how does this affect your work?

In a highly competitive market with a relatively low barrier for entry, differentiation can be challenging. Our prospect is going to hear in every pre-sales meeting how that vendor has the right, market-leading expertise for their needs. However, once customers start working with us, they realize Kanda’s differentiators, particularly in terms of oversight, decisiveness and accountability. Additionally, our optimized delivery model combines U.S.-based expertise with competitive pricing, making us an attractive option compared to other outsourcing companies.

What’s something exciting that you enjoy doing in Sales?

In sales, I find great satisfaction in being the frontline representative for the company and cultivating relationships with customers. While video calls are efficient, a distinct level of connection comes from meeting someone in person. The company truly values and supports our efforts in driving its success, encouraging us to go the extra mile. Additionally, we strengthen our relationships with partners by treating them to unique experiences and team-building activities, for instance, hosting them in luxury suites at sporting events, which adds an enjoyable aspect to our job. Overall, I deeply appreciate the support and the opportunities that Kanda provides me to thrive in my role.

To sum it up

Noah Keimach’s role as the Director of Sales at Kanda exemplifies his dedication to both the company’s growth and client satisfaction, aligning well with Kanda’s customer-centric approach. 

Kanda’s ability to provide U.S.-based oversight, accountability and a unique delivery model sets the company apart in a competitive market thanks to its committed sales and business development team. 

Kanda Software offers a unique blend of domain expertise, exceptional engineering talent, a strong commitment to protecting clients’ data, and the proven track record of a U.S. company with over three decades of an impeccable reputation. 

Get in touch with Kanda experts today to discover how we can assist your company.

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